Classic Bifold - Kanagawa Blue

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Inspired by the soil and the vast blue sea in the land of the rising run within the ukiyo-ewoodblock print by japanese artist, Hokusai. Crafted from finest deep blue genuine leather, with a twist of light brown interior. Now when the wave finally hits the land, it is yours to keep in hand.
Goodism Classic Bifold has a timeless and classic design, completed with Goodism signature features such as labeled partition, frequent card slot, saving partition, and topped with the uniquely interchangable strap. You can easily pull  the strap out of the cardslot and change it yourself. The interchangable strap is one way to give your personal statement on your wallet. 

Length : 11.5 cm
Width : 9.5 cm

Exterior : Deep Blue full grain cow leather
Interior : Tan full grain cow leather

6 card slots
2 hidden card slots 
1 frequent card slot
1 photo slot

3 Categorical labeled partition
1 hidden saving partition

2 interchangeable straps (Deep Blue and Tan)
Goodism Inc. logo debossed on the interior

Goodness is everywhere. For example, through snaps.