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by goodisminc on Feb 16, 2017

Article from Neighborlist | Photo by Kanekin - Cindy Octaviany

Since making the first debut in 2013, Goodism Inc has grown significantly up until they decided to bring their range of collection into a bigger retail world. The Bandung based brand specializes in making leather-crafted carry-on goods and accessories. Accentuating on fashionable and functionality aspects, these two features are the main characteristics of their variety of products.

Now, in 2016 they have teamed up with Urban Icon. Their partnership with Urban Icon makes Goodism Inc. products can easily be found at five Urban Icon Stores in several locations in Java such as Grand Indonesia Mall, Kota Kasablanka, Pondok Indah Mall, Paris Van Java and Tunjungan Plaza. Customer can expect to see Goodism Inc’s full collection from their bifold wallet series, ID case, pouch and phone case. 


by goodisminc on Feb 9, 2017


Here are some of our #goodfeatures, packed inside our beautifully crafted GoodCash Wallet:

Labeled Partitions

Each of the partitions in every GoodCash wallet is completed with a distinctively colored labels, derived from the philosophy of Poka-Yoke in creating a good industrial design. However, we do have a suggestion on how you divide your money. Put your food budget in the green partition, your transportation budget in the red one, and lastly your shopping and entertainment budget in the blue partition.

Therefore, each time you want to budget your daily spending, you can allocate your money and keep them organized in different partitions. Moreover, the remarkably colored labels will help you in picking the money from the right partition. This simple invention will change the way you interact with your wallet, forever.

Saving Partition

We started from a simple and funny insight, on how people love to hide their money somewhere in the wallet as an emergency cash, just in case. We took the insight one step further by creating a hidden partition in the back of the wallet and we name it the Saving Partition.

We want you to use this partition as a safe place to set aside and save your money. With less cash in sight, the desire to spend more can decrease too! Most importantly, you don't need a piggy bank immediately; just pile your unused cash inside the saving partition before moving it to your bank account. Everyone has their own secrets to success, and this one is ours.

Frequent Card Slot (Classic Bifold)

There's always that one card, be it your ATM or your ID, that you frequently use and you're afraid to lose. Worry no more, just put it in our special frequent card slot.
It's very useful in keeping an eye for your most important card, and giving it an easy access if you often use the card.

Photo Slot (Classic Bifold)

A picture is always worth a thousand words, and where else would you keep a picture of your loved ones other than inside your wallet? Our wallet comes with an Instax-Sized photo slot where you can keep any kind of pictures you like, to be your personal mood-booster amidst your hectic days.

Interchangeable Straps (Classic Bifold)

Our timeless and classic design is completed with a feature that has never been seen before; interchangeable wallet straps.

We are giving you several colors and leather options to complete the look of your GoodCash wallet. Each wallet comes with a basic strap, and the color variations are sold separately.

It's very easy to stand out from the crowd. Choose a strap color that suits your mood and personality, and swap it with your basic strap to create a completely different look. Our separate straps are sold in limited quantity, so don't miss the chance to become one-of-a-kind.

New Way to Carry Your Identity Cards

by goodisminc on Feb 2, 2016

Do you ever feel like your standard ID holder is ruining your outfit?

If you happen to work in an office that demands you to wear an ID holder or have a building access card on you all the times, it is almost impossible to wander around not wearing it on a lanyard around your neck. However, the standard ID holder and lanyard that is given from the company is just plain boring. And for most of the time it looks dorky and doesn’t do your look any favors.

Our solution for you is to invest in a good ID holder, GOODISM Identity Cardcase. Goodism Identity Cardcase is our answer to your conventional ID card holders. It comes with 1 card slot with a transparent cover for your main identity card, and 2 more slot for your extra cards, so you can store your e-money cards, or building access cards right behind your main Identity card. GOODISM Identity Cardcase will keep your necessary cards handy.

If you long for style and functionality, look no further than Goodism Identity Cardcase. Our Identity Cardcase is completed with a discreet zippered slot so you can keep your small items organized. Use it to store your keys, flash disks, parking tickets, or some cash if you want to; and these items will be safe within your reach. We also provide an elegant leather lanyard that is durable and comfortable to use.

Accessorize your professional look with Goodism Identity Cardcase. You can choose from 3 variants of color; Visionary Blue, Ardent Brown, and Idealist Black, it will complete your daily attire with a fashionable and functional touch.

20 Ways to Make Work Awesome Again

by goodisminc on Jan 19, 2016

Happy New Year, Good People!

Are you tired of working everyday? goodism inc. is proud to present our latest tips video for those of you who want to make the most of your everyday work life. Also, we are proud to present our latest collection, The Savvy Collection, that consists of Goodism Sleek Bifold, Goodism Networking Case, and Goodism Identity Case. These new items will surely help you live the good life, by giving you practicality and ease for carrying your daily needs. 

Enjoy your day and good luck!
goodism inc.

Easy Steps for Successful Networking.

by goodisminc on Nov 10, 2015

A lot of people are still afraid of doing networking. They don't really see the benefit in meeting new people and exchanging contacts, and that's why people are hesitant in going to networking events. However, networking actually brings direct and indirect benefits, especially for those who are currently building their business or even their personal brands. 

By definition, networking is defined as an act of making contact and exchanging information with other people, groups, or information with other people, group, or institutions to develop mutually beneficial relationship. Even the act of meeting new people during a party, or an after-hours drink might lead to new opportunities in your life. Never lose an opportunity and always be prepared for everything that come to you.

There are few things you can do to present yourself better during networking events. Here are several tips, lovingly curated by the good friends of goodism inc.

1. Have your short pitch ready.
Everytime you meet new people, be prepared with a short sentence on who you are and what you do. Make it clear, simple, concise, and memorable. Highlight on the things that might universally resonates, such as where you go to school or the area you currently live in right now.

2. Listen closely.
After introducing yourself, make sure that you listen closely on what your new networking partner say. Also, pay attention on the body language of your conversation partner. Make sure that they are still interested on the conversation, and don't force the connection had the talk went boring.

3. Always be ready with your Business Card.
Nowadays, having a business card is very important. A lot of people forget to bring their cards or taking a long time in finding their cards that got scattered somewhere in their bags or wallets. goodism inc. tries to solve this problem by creating the Networking Case, a case specifically made for your daily networking needs. Put all of your cards in the Give slot, and put spare cards in the hidden slot behind it. Whenever and wherever anyone asking for your business card, you will be ready all the time.

4. Don't Forget to Follow Up!
After receiving cards from your networking partner, don't forget to follow up on the following day. Keep all the remaining cards of your acquaintances in the Take slot of the Networking Case. After one day, send an e-mail or friendly text saying thank you for the short encounter. Hopefully, one day there will be an interesting opportunity coming for you.

Lastly one bonus tips is...
A lot of people are just too shy to say hi first, and this is the biggest mistake in networking. Just keep in mind, "what's the worst that can happen by saying hello?" Everyone will always feel welcome to meet new people, and it's always an exciting experience for everyone.

Good luck in finding new opportunities through networking!

goodism inc.

Our New Website!

by goodisminc on Oct 2, 2015

Dear Good People,

Welcome to our newly revamped website. We hope to bring you a better shopping experience along with showcasing our newly designed brand identity.

This website has several major updates, including:

1. Better and more seamless shopping experience
Thanks to our e-commerce provider, Sirclo Solution, you can create your own account to do online shopping of goodism inc. products. With this account, you can get extra promotions such as birthday discount, promo mail newsletter, and so many more! Moreover, all payment and transactions can be done automatically through our website, so there's no need to do manual transaction through our messaging accounts anymore.

2. Mobile friendly website
Our website has been optimized to be accessed through all kinds of mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets. So, you can do online shopping of Goodism product wherever, and whenever you are.

3. New Brand Identity
This website also showcased our new brand identity, made with love by our friends in POT Branding House. This branding identity has a fresher and cleaner design, and it suits vision better as a provider of friendliest tools to help you overcome your daily complexity.

4. Lookbook Showcase & Journal
In this website, we have a dedicated space to showcase our neat lookbooks and to share good stories through this journal page. So, there's more to see and more to explore.

5. Promo Codes!
The best part of this new website is that you can have more discounts just by inserting Promo Codes! We will occasionally roll out promo codes so that you can get cashback and discounts for a limited period of time.
Enjoy this new website of ours and have a good time shopping here. 
Good luck!
goodism inc.


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